If you wish to woo the beautiful girls in your life, jewellery is definitely the best choice. No matter if she’s your mother, sister, wife or your wacky girlfriend, your gift should be equally unusual as she herself is.

Here are few ideas on selecting that unusual jewellery gift for ladies in your life:-

  • Heart-shaped jewellery piece or charm bracelets

Choose a beautiful heart shaped necklace or any other jewellery piece with heart contents. This is the best way to make her feel your love. You can also personalize it using her favourite gemstones or get her name engraved on the back. Secondly, charm bracelets are the next best gift for a lady but, make sure to select the unique charms as per her personality.

  • “Glad you were born” jewellery

Nowadays, jewellery containing quotes is going very popular and amongst these one of the most popular one is “Glad you were born” engraved ring or pendant that represents how meaningful your girl is for you.

  • Gift a timepiece

Choose more refined jewellery or an elegant diamond bracelet or watch that seems to be a timepiece for her and suits all her evening outings.

  • Sterling silver picture frame

Pick a beautiful sterling silver picture frame containing one of the most meaningful pictures she love. Either it can be a couple picture or another highly remembered moment captured in a snap.

  • Ring/Jewellery holder

Jewellery holder or a ring holder can be another most unusual piece that will not just help her keep all her jewellery pieces organised but, always be a perfect partner for all her organisation needs while remembering you.

So, pick from any of these unusual ideas and for this you can easily seek help from any of the best jewellers in Chandigarh.

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