If you think once you buy jewellery you are done, then let me tell you, this isn’t the world!
The biggest challenge that comes after buying a jewellery piece is to store them rightly!

Kundan Jewellery Chandigarh

Many a times we tend to buy a lot of jewellery but, due to the inability to store them rightly, it loses its ultimate shine and lustre. Do you wish to let this happen again?

Well! None of us would answer this question as a “YES”!

So, let’s offer you a little help with the 9 unique ways to organise your jewellery with complete pride and sensibility, too.

  • Stacking

Stacking your jewellery pieces one over the other, mainly in case of bangles and bracelets, it is the best way to store your jewellery items. This will not just help with the storage but, also keep the items transparent, too.

  • Use jewellery pouches

There are a number of jewellery pouches easily available in the market, choose the one you find suitable for a particular type of jewellery items out of the different fabric types available in the marke

  • Use the traditional jewellery box for storage

The traditional storage system is the most significant one. Never forget this. Don’t forget to use the traditional jewellery boxes once your mother had for storing her precious kundan jewellery or gold items. This is the best way to keep them stacked and safe without causing any damage to your precious jewellery pieces.

  • Use pocket based transparent holders

Nowadays, you can easily find transparent pocket holders that can be easily hung in your wardrobe. You may use these holders to store your jewellery pieces. This will not just keep them intact but, also help you easily locate them as per your need and occasion.

  • Pin them on the cupboard walls

Use hangers or hooks that can be easily pasted or applied as wall mounts on the inner walls of your cupboard or wardrobe. You can easily hang them over these pin boards.

  • Compartmentalize

Separate different compartments in a single box for storing a particular type of jewellery. This will not just help with easy separation but, also easy storage and picks during the rush hours.

  • Drawer storage

Use your drawers or lockers to store the most precious jewellery pieces that you think aren’t used daily.

  • Prioritise your daily wear

This is a very important thing to keep your jewellery organised. Always prioritise what you will need for your daily wears and what will be needed on special occasions.

Half of the things automatically gets organised with this.

  • Use the twig-sted holders

Beautifully decorated twig-sted holders are easily available in the market. You may even use them to beautifully hang your jewellery pieces on it.

Use any of these ways to efficiently store your favourite picks of diamond, kundan, silver or gold jewellery in Chandigarh.

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