Embelished Statement Diamond Jewellery – Things to Know

    Fashion trends keep changing and one needs to keep up with them all the time. Right from jewellery to attire, accessories to the way one carries themselves, everything counts when it concerns about making a mark and statement in the world of fashion.  Diamonds Jewellery has always taken a lead position in the world of fashionable jewellery. There…

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Latest trends in Diamond Jewellery Collections

Jewellery trends tend to change frequently and when it comes to diamonds the frequency increases even further because possessing diamond jewellery has become a trend these days. Celebrities following the most trendy jewellery forms and designs do fascinate the local folks. So, if you are amongst one of those, let’s get you grooving with some of the latest trends in…

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5 Myths about Diamond Jewellery that you should be Aware Of

Can you ever deny the love for Diamond Jewellery? I guess not! Diamonds are the most loved and highly valued precious stones across the world. In fact, this is the main reason that Diamonds have gained an unrivaled reputation especially in the case of Diamond Jewellers, at extremely competitive prices. However, many of us refrain from purchasing a diamond due…

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