Kundan Pendant in ChandigarhKundan Pendants have turned out to be the best choices amongst jewellery lovers of all ages and religion. Right from the Royal Rajputs to the South India authenticity, almost everyone loves wearing kundans and jadau jewellery.

Even Punjabi’s love the classic way it appears and tend to be very fond of such high class jewellery. Looking for a kundan pendant in Chandigarh and how to match it for the perfect wear gets easy with few of the ideal ways being shared below. You can very easily find a store selling the famous Jadau jewellery in Chandigarh but, make sure to check for its authenticity, too.

Mentioned below are the 5 popular ways of wearing kundan pendant:-

  • Pearl Chain with Kundan Pendant

Pearls have always remained to be the most loved elegant ways to dress you and when it comes to complementing a kundan pendant with it, this sounds super amazing.

  • Pearls Harem with Kundan Pendant with Kundan Earrings

Apart from a single pearl chain, one can also go for a pearl harem tagged with your beautiful kundan pendant and don’t forget those matching kundan earrings to follow.

  • Antique Gold Harem with Peacock Kundan Pendant

Harems can also be chosen from amongst the antique fashion as well. This is the most traditional way to have them.

  • South Sea Pearl and Nakshi Balls Mala with Kundan Pendant

South sea pearl and Nakshi balls mala is the most loved way to wear a kundan pendant in South.

  • Kundan Mango Pendant with a gold chain

Mango shaped kundan pendants are one of the most popular choices amongst the kundan pendants. Tag it with a gold chain and it can do wonders on almost every occasion.

Pick any of the above mentioned ways to ornament your most loved kundan pendant and earn compliments from around.

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