Kundan Set

Kundan is an ancient form of Indian Jewellery, mostly worn by the Kings and Nobles. Kundan jewellery is made with a gem-set with Gold foils set between the precious gemstones and its mount. The crafting of a Kundan jewellery piece takes lots of artistic precision and time, to craft the perfect jewellery piece. Navkkar Jewellers have their own team of Artisans that manufacture intricate pieces of Kundan Jewellery in Chandigarh. You can find our exclusive Kundan Jewellery Collection here on our website or you can directly visit our store to browse through our latest collection.

  • Kundan Set
  • Kundan Gold Set
  • Meenakari Set embellished with Kundan and Pearl
  • Meenakari Chokar Set embellished with Kundan and Pearl
  • Meenakari Kundan Pendant Set
  • Antique Meenakari Kundan Set
  • Meenakari Kundan Pendant Set with Pearl