Carat remains to be the most important element to be ideally known when buying diamond jewellery!

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If you think understanding these measuring units isn’t necessary, this isn’t the case!
Before buying your favourite diamond jewellery, you need to know at least the basic things about your purchase. Many a times people even tend to get confused with the words- Carat and Karat.
Here is the explanation on the same!
Difference between the Carat and the Karat

  • A carat is not at all similar to karat and you also need to know that it isn’t just the difference in the spelling we are talking about, there’s a lot more.
  • Carat is known as the standard unit for measuring and expressing the calculated weight of precious stones such as- diamonds and other gemstones.
  • While, Karat, refers to the measured purity of gold which is scaled in between- 1 to 24. Here, 24 Karat is referred as the purest form of this metal.
  • Also, the noted abbreviation for carat is ‘ct’ while, karat is represented as ‘k’ or ‘kt’.

So, next time when you reach out for your next diamond purchase, you surely can figure out between carats and karats.
Carat and its Universal Acceptance

  • The unit carat gets its name from the “carob seed” that were believed to remain fairly uniform in their weight standards. Thus, these were used as the most used tools for weighing precious stones.
  • The currently used unit of carat was first adopted in the year 1907 which remains to be a universally accepted unit for weighing diamonds and gemstones.

Does Carat Weight Effect Diamond’s Price?
The answer to this query is YES!

  • The price of a diamond goes high as per its carat weight. A diamond with higher carat weight is more expensive as compared to the ones with lesser carat weights. The reason behind the same is that diamonds with higher carat weight are still rare which makes it more desirable.
  • However, one should always remember that the price you pay for your diamond purchase will depend on the 4Cs, and not just the carat weight, exclusively.
  • The 4Cs are- cut, colour, carat and clarity.

Does Carat Weight Correlates to the Diamond’s Size?
The answer to this query is a big NO.

  • The carat weight of a diamond doesn’t have a correlation with its size.
  • In fact, two diamonds with the same weight can vary in their diameters and depth as well which makes them appear as two different sized stones.
  • In addition to this, the cut of the diamond also impacts its size. A round cut diamond appears smaller as compared to an oval or a marquise cut diamond, although they hold the same carat weight.

Carat is thus a very important unit to be known and understood for the right diamond purchase. However, the all the diamond jewellers in Chandigarh make sure to inform and explain the same to all of their customers.

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