Kundan Jewellery Chandigarh

Creating awesome Kundan jewellery is nothing less than an amazing art. Kundans are known to be the hot favourite of every woman and they wish to own them. Every mother either wishes to adore her daughter’s d-day in either diamond jewellery or kundan jewellery. This is why Kundan and diamond jewellery has becomes the most popular pieces of jewellery being looked for.

This popularly known art of setting the precious stones and gems in both diamond and kundna jewellery need utmost care and knowledge as well. Being handcrafted in its pattern, most of the kundan jewelleries come up as an output of the most laborious works of the artisans since months.

In fact, it’s not just the work of one artisan or a goldsmith who is at work preparing a piece of kundan jewellery but, the rigorous hard work of an entire team of skilled professionals performing each of their parts in the best ways. Once the final piece is created, it comes out as the most elegant piece of slightly shimmering gems. Adding pure elegance and confidence to any of the attires you wear, kundan jewellery is often found in both heavy and lighters versions. Right from a fully-embodied kundan set to a single pendant piece, you can find a number of suitable pieces as per your need and choices.

Kundan jewellery is believed to be the most integral part of the oldest forms of jewelleries of India. Even the Mughal era reflects the use of kundan jewellery by the queens. It is said that the technique possibly developed during artisans trying to fit uncut stones into a handmade piece of jewellery. Kundan, means ‘refined gold’. Setting the kundan stones is a difficult task and is available in simple embedded forms and also in the form of jadau jewellery which is done by using gold foil instead of hard rims. Today Rajasthan is believed to be the prime owner of creating authentic kundan jewellery. But, Chandigarh is no less an addition to the list with a number of class part pieces and varieties of kundan jewellery available at Navkkar Jewellers, Chandigarh.

Another styled variation of Kundan work is meena kundan which is the most traditional are of decorating kundan pieces. Every such piece holds the encrusted stones on one side and the meenakari work on the other.

Traditional kundan jewellery is available in the form of ornate necklaces, matching bangles or bracelet and heavy to light earrings. One can choose their perfect piece as per the occasion they wish to buy it for. Kundan earrings are also growing pretty famous these days due to the elite shine and magnificence it adds to the entire attire.

Even though kundan jewellery cannot be termed under the light jewellery segment, yet there are a number of pieces that can help. Making kundan jewellery is not a child’s play, it needs the perfect hands to delicately create the beauty and embed the right set of kundans for the right kundan set.

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