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What more can be more impressive than flaunting your beautiful feet adorned with a beautiful anklet around?

Anklets have been the most fascinating and charming piece of jewellery often liked by both married and unmarried women. Anklets go similarly addictive to the feet as bangles and necklaces are to hands and neck, respectively. Thinking about a girl without a beautiful anklet wrapped around her feet is nearly impossible today, so wouldn’t you love to know about the top anklet types you can use to woo your feet.

Types of Anklets

Mentioned below are the top picks amongst the different types of anklets your feet will love to hug around them and are easily available with the any of the top jewellers in Chandigarh:-

  • Traditional Coin Anklets

The traditional coin anklets are well inspired from the good old times of the period between 40s to 60s. Bringing back the adorable style of those times, you will find these anklets perfectly woven in the precious metal items of gold and silver.

  • The Traditional Anklets

The traditional anklets are mostly used and suggested for bigger events such as wedding or reception plans. Crafted under a broader base, this holds a heavy set of designs, studded with either precious or semi-precious stones to add to the royal look. It is mostly crafted in a layered pattern to give it an even regal look. Known to be the symbol of extravaganza, this one is mostly made up of gold, silver or any other favourable metal.

  • Minimalist Anklets

Filling the gap between the hem and the shoes are these highly popular minimalist anklets. Mostly these are worn along with a high ankle pant or skirt or any other attire that leaves the ankle uncovered. Add this one to your wardrobe to complete your chic look.

  • Antique Hinged Anklets

As the name suggests, these anklets come from the antique origin with a slightly less flexible outlook. However, earlier they were only available in metal form; today they can be well customised using kundan works or any other pattern as per the customer’s choice.

  • Lace Anklets

These delicate darlings are loved by almost all the teenage girls who wish to woo their counterparts. Available in different patterns, widths, colour choices, this one is the best fit all those looking for a particular patterned anklet to be wrapped around their ankles.

  • Classical Anklets

Giving way to both style and ease are these classical anklets that are perfectly designed to stay light on the ankles. The intricate designs and well woven structure of the jewellery piece makes it appears even dramatic but highly comfortable to wear and flaunt around. One can also pick to get the gemstones easily embedded between the designs for an even brighter look.

You may pick the anklet of your choice as per the occasion you plan to wear it on. These anklets can be easily bought from any of the jewellers in Chandigarh.

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