Can you ever deny the love for Diamond Jewellery?
I guess not!

Diamonds are the most loved and highly valued precious stones across the world. In fact, this is the main reason that Diamonds have gained an unrivaled reputation especially in the case of Diamond Jewellers, at extremely competitive prices.

However, many of us refrain from purchasing a diamond due to the several myths associated with this precious gemstone. In this post, we’ll clear your doubts regarding some of the most common myths around Diamonds.

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Let’s have a look at these 5 myths about Diamond Jewellery that every woman should know of!

1. Diamonds are naturally occurring only

It is believed that diamonds are only naturally occurring precious stones which evolve in the exclusive environmental conditions sustained 100 miles below the earth. However, the fact is that mimicking similar conditions, diamonds can be suitably manufactured with similar characteristic in an artificially created environment. The process of creating synthesized or Lab-manufactured Diamonds dates back to the 1950s, but their use is mostly limited for Industrial purposes only.

2. Natural diamonds are flawless

It is one of the biggest myths that only natural diamonds are flawless. However, the fact is that natural diamonds contain 0.3% impurities in the form of nitrogen content. In fact, naturally produced diamonds have a yellowish hue due to this impurity content they hold, which is reflected only when the crystal absorbs light of a certain frequency. Even the colorless natural diamonds have nitrogen impurities, but they are too low to reflect any color, yet these diamonds are very rarely found. However, synthetic diamonds carefully evade all these natural deficiencies.

3. All Diamonds are super costly

Just like Gold, Diamonds are rated according to their level of purity and frequency of occurrence. Only a few rare diamonds are very costly making them a little less affordable. However, with the manufacturing of synthetic diamonds coming in trend, diamonds can be produced and purchased at a much lesser price. This means diamonds are no more costly and you can afford them at a very pocket-friendly price. Even if you are looking for real Diamonds for your favorite piece of Diamond Jewellery, you can choose from the non-rare ones to reduce your overall costs.

4. Diamonds are the hardest

Even though, it’s a true fact that diamonds are the hardest known stone in the world. However, this hardness of diamond doesn’t make it suitable for all kinds of industrial cuttings regardless of the existing factors. At high temperatures, diamond bears carbide formation due to iron which may cause the diamond to wear and tear easily.

5. The biggest polished diamond of the world is natural

The world’s largest natural diamond named Cullinan which was approximately 3100 carats in rough form. However, the gemstone known as the Great Star of Africa was actually cut and polished from the Cullinan, and at a weight of 530 carats exists to be the largest clear-cut diamond in the world. However, polished CVD diamonds are greatly outweighed as the most impressive stones. Optical windows made using CVD and high-power lasers for cutting and welding may also reach a high weight of over 1,000 carats.

These are a few myths associated with the existence of diamonds in the world. At times, even due to these facts, diamonds aren’t considered as a suitable element for different personal and commercial usages. Few wouldn’t consider even buying the same due to its high cost while others would mind using it due to its inability in commercial setups. But despite all these Myths, the best Jewellery gift for ladies is giving them a Diamond studded jewellery piece, whether it is a ring or a complete Diamond Set.

    1. Today's 22kt Gold Price ₹ 7030/- per gm
Today's 22kt Gold Price ₹ 7030/- per gm