Impressive jewellery always makes way to winning hearts. And combining it with the right gemstone can give it an extra attraction. Even since the ancient times, gemstones have remained to be of high value, not just because of the shine and sheen they emit, but also due to the healing effect, they sustain for a person wearing it.Listed here are the 5 crystals or gemstone pieces you can prefer to pick while buying jewellery items from any of the jewellers in Chandigarh:-

Kundan Jewellery in Chandigarh

  • Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is the master healer amongst the other stones. Suitable to be worn by anyone, this is mostly translucent and clear and has the ability to handle physical, emotional, mental and even soul level problems.

  • Citrine

This one holds a golden yellowish hue and is considered as the most beloved crystal amongst the others. Loved for its beauty, the stone holds a great healing power of bringing in prosperity and abundance in life.

  • Amethyst

Also known as the “All-purpose stone”, this one comes in various shades of purple. The stone is known to stimulate the chakra responsible for divine connection and a higher level of intuitions.

  • Aventurine

Available in a range of colours including, green, red, peach, yellow, blue and many more, this stone is known for attracting love, lasting relationships, and true friendship as well. The different colours have different significance however, commonly they are known for delighting luck, good fortune, ocean of opportunities, confidence, self-esteem and personal growth.

  • Carnelian

The colour of this stone may vary from shades of light orange to reddish-brown. Known to keep the person wearing it loaded with motivation, inspiration and highly confident, Carnelian is a stone that can be worn by anyone looking for energy booster element. It also drives away negative energies. You can choose from any of these stones as per your choice to get the most stylish jewellery in Chandigarh after consulting your horoscope zones.

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