Colours are the essence of one’s life and when it comes to Indian jewellery, nothing in this world can challenge its hues. India is a country rich in varied heritage and culture and so are the jewellery forms of the place.

Right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, one can find the magical variants of colourful jewellery ranging from diamonds, gold, jadau, kundan, pearls and several others. This is why it is even possible to find colourful creative forms of kundan, Meenakari and even Jadau jewellery in Chandigarh.

Jewellers in Chandigarh

The different hues of beauty cultured in the Indian origin mainly fall under-

  • Jadau
  • Meenakari
  • Kundan
  • Thewa

These four often consist of the lateral mix of the Indian traditional and style enrichment. Right from marriage functions to other traditional events, these jewellery types are often chosen to be the first choice of women and men both alike. The best and most noticeable thing about these jewellery forms is that the artist takes a lot of trouble and makes an extra effort to complete such an artistic form of jewellery, with absolute precision turning it into a beautiful jewellery piece to be worn at any occasion.

In fact, each of these jewellery categories holds a particularly important spot in the jewellery making trade and any perfect artisan knows how to distinguish and make each of these different categories of jewellery. The careful use of coloured stones, Kundan pieces or the matching meenakari art gives them the right form making them even more appealing to the jewellery lovers.

Often created by the local artisans of Rajasthan, Jadau jewellery designs are considered as the most classic, traditional and colourful form of Indian jewellery.

Jewellers in Chandigarh

It is due to the growing reach and globalization that one can easily find any of these four famous forms of Indian jewellery across the globe. Many online stores offer imitation jewellery, faked as the real gems, but it is advisable that you buy from a genuine jeweller only. One can shop these popular forms from the best jewellery shops in Chandigarh, or for that matter in any of the cities all across India.

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Today's 22kt Gold Price ₹ 6870/- per gm