Choosing the right jewellery piece isn’t just about the style and preference but, what matters the most is the skin type as well. You might have definitely noticed a similar type of ring or jewellery piece looking phenomenal on your friend, but, not doing the same job with your own skin type or vice versa. This is why it is very important to notice your skin type and match it as per your preferences esp. when looking for stylish jewellery in Chandigarh.

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Types of Skin

For the right jewellery collection, the skin types are categorized under 3 prime types- cool, warm and neutral.

1. Cool Skin: If the veins under your skin appear blue, you have a cool skin type.

2. Warm Skin: If the veins under the skin are green in colour, you have a warm skin type.

3. Neutral Skin: If the veins under your skin are equally blue and green, you definitely have neutral skin.

Choosing the right metals and gemstones

Cool Skin: light metals such as- silver, platinum and white gold match perfectly with this skin type. Gemstones like-Sapphires and amethysts are best for those having this skin type.

Warm Skin: This skin type matches perfectly with gemstones like- rubies, garnets, coral, citrine, etc. Metals that are mainly yellowish in colour are the best fit for this skin type.

Neutral Skin: This skin type goes perfectly with any of gemstones. One can easily pick a mix of any of their favourite gemstone wrapped in both white and yellow precious metals.

Once you understand the science behind the right skin type mapping and matching, you can pick your best choices from a wide range of jewellery at the best jewellers in Chandigarh.

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