Gold jewellery has always been amongst the most traditional and oldest jewellery being worn since ages. Right from the kings and queens to the major emperors who invaded India were in love with gold. India has found to be rich in gold storages and this is the reason behind significant use of gold jewellery in all our Indian traditions.

Getting gold jewellery in and across India isn’t a difficult job with the availability of numerous jewellers dealing in the same. Even gold jewellery in Chandigarh can be easily found. Navkkar Jewellers, Chandigarh is one such significant name on the list to find both gold and diamond jewellery in Chandigarh.

Gold Jewellery in Chandigarh

But, before you go for gold jewellery shopping, here is a little idea about the textures in which gold jewellery is available all across the country.

Textures of Gold Jewellery

  • Denim

The denim gold texture is one of the most unique forms of gold jewellery textures. Containing the diagonal criss-cross patterns, it gives an amazing contrast of lines with accurate high polish.

  • Bark

This weathered look has been inspired from the bark of a tree. It is a sensational way to behold the beauty of gold and make it even more appealing. These undulating lines appearing like the bark of the tree are created by using hand etching tools. These spreads scatter light with multiple degrees for creating an interesting and dynamically appearing lustre and shine.

  • Diamond Dust

Similar to the surface of the sandpaper, this gold texture holds a grainy feel and look similar to sprinkling of glitter powder. The knurling tool is actually moved along the surface of Gold, to rapidly mark minute specks on the surface. Later the surface is polished to make the grains appear even more glossy and shiny, while the in mid surfaces between the grains are left muted which gives a feel of fine diamond dust.

  • Creased Fabric

This creased fabric or leather pattern is quite similar to the bark texture with wavy lines all across the surface. Unlike the unidirectional lines of the bark textures, the creased fabric wrinkles are even course which gives an impression of crumpled paper.

  • Rutiles

The rutilated Gold texture is inspired from the nature’s dense growth of the twigs and branches in a forest. This unevenness represents endless possibilities and ocean of ideas. The texture is often applied from both vertical and horizontal sides.

  • Glossy Basalt

Another very popular gold texture with a glossy smooth surface appearance similar to the Basalt rock is Glossy basalt. This is mainly achieved by buffing and polishing the gold surface, repeatedly such that it transforms into an almost mirror like smoothness and shine.

  • Thermocol

The thermocol look is also known as the honeycomb effect. This texture is achieved by continuously beating the gold surface with a blunt tool to achieve closely placed dents over it.

The above-mentioned textures are created to make the jewellery even more appealing and can be easily found at different jewellers dealing with gold jewellery in Chandigarh.

    1. Today's 22kt Gold Price ₹ 7120/- per gm
Today's 22kt Gold Price ₹ 7120/- per gm