Jewellery tends to remain an absolutely indispensable part of our wardrobe!

Especially among women!

Isn’t it?


Women tend to love the unique jewellery they wear and flaunt around showing the very next piece of jewellery they buy. But, when it comes to buying diamonds, none other jewellery component can replace its value.

Diamonds are the best friends of ladies!

This is the prime reason why women tend to fall in love with Diamond Jewellery. But, before buying any of the jewellery special care and concern must be kept intact. Buyers need to remain very careful and take special care before making their final purchase. Many times it often happens that in absence of the right knowledge and lookout, people tend to buy the wrong or artificial pieces in lieu.

Jewellers in Chandigarh

It’s better to be careful than to regret later!

Here are few necessary tips to follow when buying authentic diamond jewellery from any of the top jewellers in Chandigarh:-

  • Select the shape carefully as per your preference. If you do not have the right idea, consider either round or princess cut. This is even though the most common cut but, seems to be the best choices while buying diamonds.
  • Look for the carat weight as per your preference. This will keep the purchase in your budget and not let things make a hole in your pocket. Also remember, don’t just go with the seller’s point of view, apply your own brains. After all, it’s you who needs to pay the price for the purchase.
  • Have a look at the 4 c’s of diamond. Clarity, Colour, Cut and Carat. This will help a lot in simplifying all your confusions and make a great buy.
  • If such a diamond falls in your budget, you can go for it, else try revising a few more carats to make a perfect fit.
  • If you are buying rings, always prefer buying a round shaped diamond as this fits perfectly in the ring and chances of wear and tear are least in this case. For a neck-piece or earring, you can check for the most suitable shape and make a buy.
  • Always follow the length to width ratio on the visual standards of the diamond. This will make your diamond appear more charismatic, visually.
  • For carat aspects, you can look for diamonds that fall under the most popular weight of 1/2 ct. 3/4 ct., 1 ct., etc. The chances of getting a hole in your pocket are very low with such an ideal weight.

Keeping these points in mind, you can definitely make a great purchase for your most loved diamond jewellery.

Buying diamond jewellery can be a tricky affair if not done carefully. However, you can find a number of top jewellers in Chandigarh alone, selling authentic high quality diamond jewellery for non-compromised standards uphold of the customers.

    1. Today's 22kt Gold Price ₹ 7110/- per gm
Today's 22kt Gold Price ₹ 7110/- per gm